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Mobile Public Library – computer sign

Mobile Public Library – computer sign Originally uploaded by cindiann Cindi writes: this library has a curious lack of signage. this was only one of two I saw in the whole place. No sign above the service desks or at the entrance to the reference room. …and actually, I like it. It says: if you need help, ask. Also odd (but maybe this just reflects my background as an academic librarian) is that there are three or four people at each of the three service desks.

Another PL Banning Social Software

From Jason, in my LIS753 Class: Here’s an article I came across on this topic. Lexington County Library Bans Social Networking Sites – http://www.thestate.com/154/story/304545.html It’s from TheState.com, South Carolina. They include an online poll asking readers if they think such social software should be banned. As of this morning (3/29) of 101 votes, 52 votes for yes and 49 for no. Here’s part of the article: The primary reason for the decision was research that shows social networking sites can make computer systems vulnerable to viruses, said Dan MacNeill, executive director of the Lexington County Public Library. “This is security […]