Some Tech Trends Links of Note 1

Can you tell I’m catching up post-Australia?

30 Mobile Trends:  

Stephen Abram offers 30 thoughts on mobile phones. This would make for a perfect discussion piece at your next staff meeting. Before you reprint that “No Cell Phone” sign for the door to your library, take a look.

Social Media will Change your Business: 

First, a few numbers. There are some 9 million blogs out there, with 40,000 new ones popping up each day. Some discuss poetry, others constitutional law. And, yes, many are plain silly. “Mommy tells me it may rain today. Oh Yucky Dee Doo,” reads only one April Posting. Let’s assume that 99.9% are equally off point. So what? That leaves some 40 new ones every day that could be talking about your business, engaging your employees, or leaking those merger discussions you thought were hush-hush.

One thought on “Some Tech Trends Links of Note

  • TypeALibrarian

    Very interesting. I find it challenging to decide whether to lean on the side of being open, free and without traditional rules while blogging vs. being cautious about what is said. Where do others lean? Is it different when we are posting on personal blogs vs. using a blog as a business tool? I’msure most of us would say yes, but then how do we convey this to staff without making them feel like their creativity is being filtered? Thoughts……

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