Transparency, Planning & Change: See-Through Libraries 3

I was honored to present yesterday at CIL2008 with Michael Casey. We had not been on the same speaking ticket since 2006 when we helped launch Helene Blower’s Learning 2.0 program at PLCMC. The CIL presentation was in tandem and titled “Transparency, Planning & Change: See-Through Libraries,” created in part from our work on the Library Journal column we co-author.

The slides are here.

We asked the group to share roadblocks. Thankfully, David Lee King blogged some of the sharing:

inability to use open source software
we’ve always done it this way
control-freak IT support
No admin priviledges
only making cosmetic changes
no time
The excessive love of process
Luddite trustees

The room was very long and narrow and we ran around a bit to make sure everyone heard questions and discussion points. I want to thank Michael for being a great co-presenter, all who attended and sat in that oddly shaped room, and especially Helene for organizing such an incredible track centered on change.

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  • Saima

    Yours was one of the best programs I attended at CiL. I have been reading Tame the Web for quite a while (I grew up in Chicago and many of my friends went to Dominican when it was Rosary). I specifically liked the points about library admin – they need to staff public service desks to see how their decisions work, sit in on staff trainings and say yes to innovation. Thanks for reiterating what many of us were already thinking.

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