Emerging Library Leaders: Kathryn Deiss on Leadership

As part of Dominican GSLIS Emerging Library Leaders series, we had Kathryn Deiss, ACRL Content Strategist, in to present on Leadership. I captured some of her points but it was so interesting I stopped typing to listen. Her slides were beautiful — filled with lovely images of nature and flowers.

Some thought provoking statements/questions:

Multiple communication channels are available now for social interaction. How do we lead in this environment? How do we innovate? Some libraries are innovating like crazy: Users vist the Delft DOK library get an automatic text: “Welcome to the world’s most modern library!”

It’s got to be fun. The library has got to be a fun place, no matter what kind of library.

Kathryn asked the crowd:

How do you know a leader when you see one? What are they doing?


Seven Views of Leadership: Genetics, Learned, Heroic, Top-Only, Social Script, Position, Calling.

Building Leadership Competence:

Understand the operation
Do the quotidian work of managing
Seek teacher and mentors
Teach and mentor others

Discover your purpose and voice:

Why are you where you are?
What are your personal values?
What do you think and why?
How do you express yourself?

Balancing Managing & Leading

Awareness of your environment – Understand the organization, keep eyes on the horizon, identify opportunities and act
Balance plans with improvisation
Balance the strategic and the operational
Practice self-awareness and social-awareness (two components of emotional intelligence)

An engaging night for sure. Thanks for coming to Dominican Kathryn!