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Karen Schneider at SOLINET: Building Marketing, Buy-In & Strategy for Your Social Software Presence

We now have many new methods for connecting to our users. There is a huge amount of reader enthusiasm happening at Amazon and LibraryThing, but we are not doing it in our own software. DaVinci Code has 3519 reviews at Amazon. WorldCat has five reviews for The Davinci Code, but three say “Test.” Weblogs: Immediacy. Informality. The architecture of participation: blogs are tools. You don’t need to blog, but be the type of library that could be blogging. Twitter: Why would you not use this in your library? Tagging at Flickr: People in the community often know things we don’t. […]


SOLINET Annual Membership Meeting, Atlanta, GA, originally uploaded by mstephens7. I really enjoyed opening the 2008 SOLINET Annual Membership Meeting. The crowd was lively and fun. Download the slides from my keynote here, it’s a customized hybrid of THL. The reception last night rocked as well. I got to mix and mingle with library folk from all over the Southwest. Today, I’m looking forward to Karen Schneider’s closing keynote.