A Day in the Life of Iowa Libraries 1

Karen M. Burns, Administrator of the Southwest Iowa Library Service Area, writes:

We did a National Library Week project this year–on the Wednesday of NLW we invited libraries in central, southwest and southeast Iowa to take photos of what was happening at the library that day, and upload up to 10 of them to a group on flickr.  I thought you might enjoy taking a look, they’re at:


We set up an FAQ page before hand, (http://www.swilsa.lib.ia.us/dayinthelife.htm) and did some “training” sessions in the Wimba online classroom.  The Meebo Me widget on the FAQ page was used more often than I thought it might be.  We’re working on a project to create a cooperative reader’s advisory service using Meebo Me widgets on library’s webpages, with volunteer reader’s advisors staffing the virtual RA station/Meebo room, which will have a buddy list that includes other reader’s advisors that the on-duty RA can all on for assistance.  

Karen – Great stuff from Iowa Libraries. Your Flickr example is perfect for any type of library, system or consortium. Please let TTW readers know when the RA Meebo service goes live.

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  • jo

    Don’t you just love Flickr? If only all libraries were so willing to take the time to understand that the library is now a physical and a digital presence. Unfortunately, we haven’t been allowed to operate an account, but I’m working on it. I have chosen to circumnavigate this by posting my library photos as part of my account, and just tagging them!!

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