Sarah Long’s 100th podcast with Michael Stephens 1

On May 6th, I presented “The Hyperlinked Library” at North Suburban Library System. After the session, I was invited to record a podcast with Sarah Long, the director of NSLS. We also spoke a bit in interview format for her weekly column in The Daily Herald.


Daily Herald column:

We talked about transparency, what the hyperlinked library could be, and where libraries might be going. Thanks to everyone at NSLS for making it such a special day!

One thought on “Sarah Long’s 100th podcast with Michael Stephens

  • Micah

    I agree with a lot of what you were talking about in this podcast. Especially making things flatter in library management and bringing the blog and new social tools to create a place for people to participate in public space I work at NIU’s main library and am starting my GSLIS at UIUC this summer. I’ve seen early on that the hierarchy that is currently in place hinders certain functions in the library that should be transparent and workable/flexible. But, for some reason policies are policies and if they conflict it takes forever for the problems to get solved and in most cases things are taken on case by case basis instead of looking at the policy and how to adapt.

    Also, my library is opening itself up to new exciting services, and is making it a place to come and opening it up to the community. Understanding the library isn’t only a source of information and entertainment, but a place to congregate, socialize, learn, teach and allow us to communicate in ways new technological tools is essential for its future.

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