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Reinvention – Free Range Librarian Style

Haven’t had a reinvention post in a while. I was tickled to read about Karen Schneider’s new position with Equinox. As of June 23 (just in time for ALA!), I’m the Community Librarian at Equinox, the support and development company for Evergreen, the premier, industrial-strength open-source integrated library system software. What, you ask, is a Community Librarian? It’s a chief blogger, presenter, evangelist, community liaison, birds-of-a-feather organizer, strategist, branding specialist, user-experience person, project management advisor, and whatever else happens to need doing. (I wrote the job description, and I think that hits the high notes.) After sixteen years in LibraryLand […]

Second Life Snapshot

John Kirriemuir writes: http://www.silversprite.com/?p=537 The latest snapshot report on UK Higher and Further Education developments in Second Life is nearing completion; the report should be out in a few weeks. Here’s the responses to one particular question, from academics who have been developing and/or using SL in their work. • Generally a gimmick, though I think a few places who innovate are trying it out. • Hatred of any new technology by those within a decade of retirement. They hate change, they hate having to learn anything new, and they just want a quiet life until they drift off. Unfortunately, these same people hold the […]