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si, es verdad, originally uploaded by aaron schmidt.

Via Aaron Schmidt from Spain:

…as they type in spain, “jejejejeje.”

this large new library had a very traditional feel.

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  • Terry Dawson

    I just edited the “cell phones in libraries” article over on the LISwiki, because I thought it seemed pretty one-sided on the evils of cell phones. Clearly we’re a divided profession on this issue. I’ve been blogging about this because of a vocal minority of our library patrons agitating for a total ban.

  • Rossana Barrios

    Ocurre en las bibliotecas hispanas en general aunque algunos de nosotros estamos tratando de llevar a cabo cambios. p.d. el letrero está en catalán

    It tends to happen in hispanics libraries in general but some of us are trying to change it. p.s. The sign is in catalan

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