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Keeping Found Things Found, originally uploaded by Timothy Greig.

Timothy Grieg writes: This seems to be a really interesting book about personal information management – something which I think university librarians should be teaching their students in today’s information-saturated age. I just started reading it this week. It’s by William Jones. I would like to review it later on my blog, but for now I want to quickly see what happens when I “share” the picture from flickr first.

Interesting thought: PIM for students. Nice.

2 thoughts on “Keeping Found Things Found

  • mary

    keeping my downloaded articles in order, and usable in relation to print materials was the *bane of my existence* when i was in library school, back in 2000-ish. i remember thinking at the time, that if i’d had to contend with the same issues when i was in my literature master’s program back in the early 90’s, i would have gone completely mad. i even had work experience in more than one highly-automated business environment. agreed. this should be taught. professors take way too much for granted.

  • WIlliam Jones

    Did you ever review? Comments welcomed. PIM for students is a topic I hope to cover more completely in a short book I’m currently working.
    — William JOnes

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