15 Objections to Using Social Learning 2

Learning manager Kevin Jones offers insights and solutions for 15 Objections to using social learning. He writes: Non-Formal learning allows us to create information, share it with each other and collaborate. Information is no longer only funneled through traditional channels – the teacher, the trainer, the news media, the PR group. It now comes from everywhere – friends and foes.
What objections have you heard? How have you answered them?

2 thoughts on “15 Objections to Using Social Learning

  • The old codger

    OTOH, our local newspaper allows reader comments online, and besides looking like a badly designed Myspace page, the posters show a startling lack of intelligence, perception, or grip on reality. It is shameful to have such things appear on the official newspaper web site.

    the same would hold true for a library – items appearing there should be reliable. Just because one can post a comment doesn’t mean that it has to be taken seriously. The underlying thing here is that you don’t want to censor library pages – but who has the time to police up the foolishness?

  • Kevin Jones

    Michael, thanks for linking to my series of objections. On my blog I have a Google talk button where, when I am online, anyone can chat with me. Someone did recently and told me they found out about the series through your blog.

    I am in the learning field but was surprised how many people are looking at Web 2.0 for their libraries. It shouldn’t have taken me be surprise because it makes a lot of sense, but still I hadn’t thought of that yet.

    Fabulous blog. Looks like you have a lot people reading it. Well done.

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