Library Staff Day at Douglas County Libraries

Caught these pictures today in Flickr and immediately emailed to get the okay to “Blog This.” I also asked about how these great photos came about.

Cecily North, Assistant Archivist at the Douglas County Libraries wrote right back:

Douglas County libraries holds a district-wide staff day every other year and on their off years each branch has a staff day. The branch the History Research Center is located in, in Castle Rock, decided to go with a theme of pirates this year. The center is a district-wide function even though we are located in the Castle Rock branch. We wanted to be a part of the festivities (I myself am a big fan of pirates) and we decided to have a photo booth. We had bought a very nice camera last year to photograph collections and thought it would be fun to have it available for staff members who were dressed up (or not) to have their picture taken on a “real” pirate ship. I had a friend of mine paint the backdrop and during the lunch break we invited everyone to come down and have their picture taken. We had several props (including the wine bottles in some of the pictures) and they were a huge hit! We printed out the pictures for the staff members to have their own copy as well as copies for the branch photo album. It was a lot of fun and people really enjoyed it.