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Laptop locks, originally uploaded by Musebrarian.

Musebrarian writes: Laptops are always being stolen from students at the Grainger Engineering Library. This has to be one of the more brilliant solutions to the problem that I’ve seen. I used to have a lock, but didn’t always carry it with me.

Posted for Michael Stephens, who apparently collects library signage.

7 thoughts on “Laptop locks

  • Karakorom

    I’m not really sure that’s a good idea…
    Yes, it’s a solution but in the same time, don’t you think that have the effect of “deresponsabilizing” the patron ?
    “You forgot something ? We have it !” pencil, paper, laptop, lock…

  • Mark Cites


    No, not really making users less responsible. There are only 10 locks that can be checked out, no renewals. It’s more of a service for those who need to leave a laptop for a short time. If they’re all checked out, the patron has to wait. We don’t lend pencil, paper, or laptops.

  • Deborah Fitchett

    I think students have enough responsibilities on their minds, there’s no harm in us helping them with a few. We lend pencils, pens and rulers, and have a table with scrap paper, staplers, scissors, tape. We’ve also got a couple of calculators (ex-unclaimed lost property) which we’ve barcoded and lend as 3-hour loans.

    If students forget their textbooks sometimes, we even have some spare copies of those we can lend them. 🙂

  • Evan

    The public library I previously worked for offered bike locks for checkout. Offering these small services (laptop locks, bike locks, office supplies, etc.) sends a message to our users that it’s okay to spend a significant amount of time at our library and that–in some small way–we’re looking out for them. Remember, as Michael often says on here, it’s all about the “experience” and the stories our users will tell.

  • Karakorom

    Maybe it’s the “american” library way of thinking 🙂

    By that, I really don’t mean to be rude. It’s just that I’m a librarian in MontrĂ©al, in QuĂ©bec province and the french-canadian libraries world is really not the same as your’s. We have a big step to make and sometime, we can say we’re “old fashion”!

  • Richard (aka Musebrarian)

    I think the new signs are a much more positive approach than the previous signs that offered dire warnings about theft (which were regularly ignored). The lock signs suggest that I can actually DO something to prevent the theft of my laptop and that the library wants to help.

    I’ll be curious to hear whether this actually helps reduce the amount of theft that happens.

  • Mark Cites

    Well, it’s been quite a few months and, yes, we think this has helped curb some of the theft. It also gives students the idea to purchase laptop locks of their own! Haven’t had anyone leave their laptop locked to “their” space in the Library either. During busy times (mid-terms, finals) often there is a waiting list for the next lock that comes back. Overall, very positive response.

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