LIS 768 Textbook

I’m teaching two sections of LIS 768 this fall. We’ll be using Library 2.0: A Guide to Participatory Library Service by Michael E. Casey and Laura C. Savastinuk as our text once again. I was pleased to find this review which sums up exactly why it’s such a useful book to promote critical thinking about change in libraries:

According to the introduction, the book is aimed at helping librarians, administrators, support staff and students to gain a greater understanding of what Library 2.0 is. For me this was achieved. 

I initially expected that the book would focus mostly on Web 2.0 technologies in the Library context, however this was not the case. Technology underpins many issues dealt with in the book but it is kept in its place! The book is really about our changing Library client base and how services can be developed to meet their evolving needs. According to the authors “the changes libraries need to make to keep up with their users involves much more than technology.” 

In addition the book is largely around facilitating user centered services that empower the client rather than remain as passive recipients. This is reflected in the subtitle: “a guide to participatory library service.” The book has a strong client focus and includes tips for knowing your users and involving them in the planning for and delivery of services.

Review by Philip G. Kent, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia in Library Management, volume 29 issue 4+ 5, 2008

(Disclaimer: I wrote the Foreword 🙂 )