Reference Areas at CML 2

Reference Areas at CML, originally uploaded by mstephens7.

ONE MORE from Columbus Metropolitan Library.

The other thing that knocked me out was this reference area where the library staffer and patron would stand together on the same side and look up information. The desk as “fortress” was nowhere to be seen in this area. I spoke with Jack who told me that both staff and patrons like this new set up.


2 thoughts on “Reference Areas at CML

  • Stephen Findlay

    I am glad see some libraries have done away with the “fortress” reference desk. I have worked with colleagues who have not felt comfortable talking to a customer unless they were behind the reference desk. When I was in library school, I worked at the reference desk in the undergraduate library at UTK in Knoxville. It was an ordinary office desk with a sign on it “Ask Us.” That scenario was less intimidating to the students than the traditional standup public service desk.

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