Assistance with Mac Digital Media Lab?

Bjorn Jones wrote me an email and I thought it would be best to share it withh TTW readers in case someone can help him out.

I’m Bjorn.  I just started my first job as a public librarian for the city of Salinas, California.

My first day on the job I was assigned the task of launching a new Mac digital arts lab.  Our new Mac computers are loaded with software for creating digital media.  My library’s goal is to connect the community with the media creation tools now available on our new Mac computers.

This is a HUGE undertaking that would be a challenge for even an expert in marketing, networking and digital technology.  Presently, these are ALL areas in which I have limited experience.  This is precisely the reason why I am going beyond my regular network and asking for your help.

Do you know:

1) A specific library that uses a Mac computer lab for creating digital media?

2) An individual at such a library I might contact regarding questions I have about achieving success with our goals?

If you are working with Mac labs, shoot Bjorn Jones an email at bjornthelibrarian (at) And check out his blog at