Firefox on Public Computers – Request for Info & Ideas 2

Judy Akalaitis, Business Librarian at the Seattle Public Library writes:

Hi Michael! I’m trying to find out what public libraries have Firefox as an option on their public computers.  It was suggested that I contact you, as your travels and work may have led you down this path.  If you know iof any libraries or have any ideas or leads, I would love to hear about them. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Good question! I would suggest this post:

If you have info or ideas about using Firefox in the public library, please email Judy Akalaitis at Judy.Akalaitis (at)


2 thoughts on “Firefox on Public Computers – Request for Info & Ideas

  • Hazman Aziz

    why not? yup, next will be Google Chrome.

    From the technology management perspective, if your IT team are ready to support these browsers industry, please proceed. But, do a frequent test on the selected platform of browsers, to update if your online information services able to cope with the browser development.

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