iPhone App Review: Charlie for Flickr


Charlie for Flickr, originally uploaded by mstephens7.

When the App store launched, I tried the Flickr apps available – including one or two that I purchased. But recently I’ve been using Charlie, a new app developed by Graham Savage, for my Flickr surfing/commenting. The app is available in the store for $2.99:
Disclaimer: I beta tested Charlie for Graham these past few weeks and offered feedback about various features. What Graham created from the get go is a fluid, easily navigated, and usable interface to checkout what’s happening at Flickr. The start screen gives me access to all the things I want: My photos (to see if recent uploads made it), recent comments (to see what folks are saying about my images), comments I’ve made (to see if folks have responded to my requests to use and cite their images in my talks), recent photos from my contacts and more, including a snazzy search feature.
The navigation impresses me. Drill down on a comment or favorited photo and you can follow a commentor to their own photos easily.  Images display full screen and allow the pinch and zoom actions. The explore option takes you right into the most recent Explore entries. Two or three minutes with the interface, and navigation become intuitive and rather fun.
If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, I would recommend this app. I did have a beta copy but I bought my own this week when it went live. I have a set of screenshots here and you can access the app here:
A note about the name of this outstanding app. Graham and his partner John had Charlie, a beautiful female Labrador for many years. I think it’s a fitting tribute for such a beautiful lab. You see her picture on the app’s splash screen.
Well done Graham!