SJCPL Launches Game Collection 2

Some things to remember when checking out video games:

  • Limit: 5 total games or CD-ROMs (combined) per cardholder (as per current policy)
  • Loan period for each: 5 days
  • Service charge: $1.00 per day
  • Fines: $2.00 per day for each overdue item
  • Age Limit: 18 and over
  • Holds: No
  • Renewals: No
  • Grace period: No

View a complete listing of the video games in our collection here. (pdf)

Games are available only at the Main Library’s Sights & Sounds Department. Games may be returned at any SJCPL location.

Want to know more? Contact us by phone (282-4609), email ( or chat (asksjcplav).

And watch the SJCPL blog for updates about our gaming service!

But why no holds, SJCPL?

2 thoughts on “SJCPL Launches Game Collection

  • Joe

    Hi Michael,
    It’s not my department, but I’m guessing no holds is because with a loan period of 5 days and a modest initial collection the materials need to spend more time in patron’s homes rather than sitting on the hold shelf.

    I seem to remember a program at ALA where one library said they did away with the hold shelf for everything to eliminate the problem of materials lounging on hold shelves. It’s a bit extreme – but when more folks select email notification for holds an alternative could be to reduce the amount of time we hold materials. We’ll hold DVDs for a day only. Books are currently at 1 week, and some patrons want to be notified by mail.


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