Thanks Tampa Bay Library Consortium 4

Last week I was in Florida for three talks. Friday I presented at the Tampa Bay Library Consortium’s annual meeting.

I did a 90 minute, updated version of “The Hyperlinked Library. The slides are here.

Thanks to all who attended and spoke with me before and after. I was fired up by the energy in the room.

4 thoughts on “Thanks Tampa Bay Library Consortium

  • Susan

    It was so great to see and hear you in person. And especially great to have all those directors in the room hearing it as well! Thanks for coming to our proudly blue state!

  • Jared

    Thanks so much for a very thought-provoking session. Your passion for what you were speaking about was contagious. Your presentation made me feel like we are on the right track at USF, but also opened our eyes to other things we could be doing.

  • Charlie

    Michael inspires us all! He gets us comfortable with technology by not talking about it much at all, by talking about people and relationships. The geekie technical barriers fall away and we just proceed with the business of connecting people and helping them build relationships. What once was hard, now is easy…

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