Google Friend Connect 2

Via Brett Kochendorfer

Google Friend Connect lets you grow traffic by easily adding social features to your website. This means means more people engaging more deeply with your website — and with each other. In this video, Google Product Marketing Manager Mendel Chuang gives a short introduction to Google Friend Connect.

Very interesting -especially the bit about ease of sign on via any number of services and adding the Friend Connect to your site takes no programming skills whatsoever. Looks like ratings, friends and comments can easily be integrated. Ways it might affect libraries:

  • Folks will come to expect this type of functionality more and more. Sites that aren’t “friendly” might not be the most popular.
  • Some libraries will experiment with this as an easy to configure “buy it now” (for free) social option for their sites.
  • This could become a popular add on for many Biblioblogs.
  • It certainly positions Google to have even more integration into what we do on the Web.

Take a look at the video. What other uses do you see? What misuses do you see?

2 thoughts on “Google Friend Connect

  • Kenley Neufeld

    It is kind of similar to what Disqus offers by allowing users to connect across blogs. An interesting concept. Looks like it quickly grabs my Google Profile when you click to join a site. Since Google is the elephant in the room, it certainly gives them a heads up over something like Disqus.

    I’m more curious how far Google is going to in adding features and services that others do as well (like the new gTalk Video Chat and Skype).

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