Library Services Hierarchy 1

Library Services Hierarchy, originally uploaded by herzogbr.

Take a look:

Not that any of this is rocket science, or isn’t discernible by anyone else that works in a library. I think I did this as an exercise to illustrate patron-centricness. When it comes to library services, everything we offer should be addressing a need from “up the chain.” Offering services just because we can, or because it’s something being pushed on us from “below,” doesn’t justify that service. If a service doesn’t address a patron need, then should we really be offering it?

One thought on “Library Services Hierarchy

  • JenWaller

    Interesting. Even though this clearly shows the patron at the top of the heap, the diagram still looks too “rigid” for me. I think I’m envisioning a circle/cycle with more “flow.” I’ll work on it 🙂

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