Wheelbarrow Beach Library Service

Via Andrew Finegan from Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, comes another example of taking the library to the users. The books are read and passed on to others – great idea. Is anyone doing this in the States?


The vehicle

As it takes its cargo of books to sunbathers, paddlers and beach walkers, our all terrain wheelbarrow skims along the sand like a jet powered hovercraft . It is orange and is decked out with flags, bells and a horn. You won’t be able to miss it!

What’s on offer

Beach goers of all persuasions are invited to rummage through our barrow and select a book to read while they enjoy the beautiful summer weather on the City of Port Phillip’s foreshore.

The wheelbarrow collection includes crime novels, romance, Victorian gothic, sci-fi, history, travel books and capital ‘L’ Literary fiction. The barrow even has picture books for the beach kids.

How it works

The best news is we don’t need the books back. When they’re finished, we’re simply asking readers to pass them on to another reader or a suitable home.