Flickr & Libraries: A Response

Remember the Flickr & Libraries post? Here’s a great respoonse from a library director:

My point is that we have so much legalese that comes in that it cripples a library’s ability to operate in this way. You can’t put people’s picture on flickr because of their rights (even though they don’t care). It’s no wonder that libraries can often seem faceless or uncaring. All the legal makes it so you can’t do very much or you violate someone’s privacy. Libraries are afraid to use a patron’s email to let them know about an event at the library or services they may be interested in. The only pictures we can use are of the building or inanimate objects. The only video can be of library staff. I understand the privacy issue. However, the LIBRARY is faceless as a result.

Jeff Scott is the Library Director for the City of Casa Grande Public Library in Casa Grande, Arizona. He is also the president of the Pinal County Library Federation, a consortium of 13 public libraries.