Now grocery stores are hosting author events?!?! 4

4 thoughts on “Now grocery stores are hosting author events?!?!

  • Jerry Yarnetsky

    I’m not surprised by the sponsor though. Wegmans is the easily best grocery shopping experience in the nation. If you visit New York, PA, Maryland or N. Virginia, you must stop.

  • Cathy Doyle

    They aren’t your average grocery store. And mine does as well. They don’t seem to do it often, however.

  • andrew r

    saddest thing here is the fact that Carol Higgins Clark isn’t allowed to have her own last name – she is advertised as “her daughter Carol”.

  • ~Kathy Dempsey

    Wegman’s or not, this makes me sort of ill. Same way I felt when I saw airport bookstores selling books that you could return at the next airport’s bookstore for a partial refund. Maybe b/c I take it personally — if libraries were doing their own things really well, there wouldn’t be room for other orgs to wiggle into our space. Or maybe immitation is a sincere form of flatterly…

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