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Six More Signposts

By Michael Casey & Michael Stephens Properly handled and managed, adaptation to change ensures our survival Last month, we presented six mile markers for your transparent library. Here are six more. Have an open-door policy. You have to listen to be heard. And you have to be out there to be noticed. Whether you’re a director, leader, or manager, listening to your community and working with other leaders and managers is the only way you will remain relevant and grow stronger as a leader and help build a stronger organization. Seth Godin reminds us in his book Tribes (Portfolio, 2008) […]

On Encouraging the Heart: Wondrous Artwork at the Library

You may have seen “Wondrous” on ALA TechSource. Tad Beckwith wrote about it to me: He said: Although this is not “in library” or “virtual library” tech it is “near library” tech that is inspiring visitors to check out a brand new library in Marana, Arizona.  When I was reading your About Page I felt appreciative when I read your comments about making a library welcoming in a variety of ways because I too want to bring back more commons spaces.  I think this sculpture is an example of one library investing in visually welcoming art that seems to inspire […]