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Despite my nasty cold, my last talk of 2008 was wonderful. I appreciate all the kindness (a care package of cold medicine) from Kelley at ACLA and the warm reception at my talk.

The slides are here.

5 thoughts on “Thanks ACLA!

  • [anita]

    I was having some serious flashes to the “My Teacher is an Alien” series. And Terminator, of course! =)

    Thanks for being there despite sickness and snow…

  • Sally

    I was so glad I came to your seminar on Sat. As a school teacher/library trustee and mother of three milennials, I am energized to make changes at school as well as the library. I will never look at my library 9or classroom) the same again. I have a couple small changes in mind, already. I wish my school district would invite you to an in-service. If you had been unable to soeak above a whisper, I’d have moved closer. Thank you for coming to Pgh. Next, I’m looking at doing some Twittering, and I may join Facebook.

  • Kelley

    You were amazing and though I participate in many of the things you discussed already, I’m so inspired to get involved in different ways and get this 23-things project underway (we meet this week!) Thank you for lighting a fire in our county!

  • Beth

    It was fun to watch people’s faces during your talk, there was amazement, joy, fear and consternation all at the same time. I was amazed at your energy, despite your cold. Maybe it was the Dayquil..if that’s the case then I need to keep some in my desk. Thanks again Michael for being in Pittsburgh and helping us refocus our libraries on inviting our communities into our libraries in ways besides walking in the door. I’m the mom of two milennials also – there is no rest for me and they challenge me to try new things and re-think how I approach things. Conversely I challenge them also – which drives them nuts.

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