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I wonder how many directors and managers will be staffing library service desks and circulation points for busy Holiday times? I hope many will.

4 thoughts on “Zappos CEO Answering the Phone

  • Jessica

    That’s a really interesting question.
    I think it probably comes down to personality, staffing, and the library’s culture. I (library director) staff the circ desk one Saturday a month (in the staff rotation with everyone else), whenever we are short-staffed, and whenever someone needs a break or we are very busy. I also empty the book drop and check in books on many days that we are closed in order to reduce the burden on circ staff at the beginning of the week. From what I understand, the previous director never did this. However, I know of many directors who do the same thing in this area.

  • Kenley Neufeld

    I’d have to agree with Jessica on this one. As a library director, I periodically will work the circulation desk but especially during the finals time period. Typically I serve at the reference desk for one hour a day (though it isn’t always possible due to meetings). Of course, we are a small staff (4.5 librarians) with tons of business.

  • Hillary

    Where I work administration for the system is 3 people, and we don’t all take the same days off, so I have next week off, then Dec 22, 23 solo, someone else has 26th solo, etc. Same at all other work units, we let as many people off as possible, but not everyone can go at once.

    but in the reverse, how many supervisors of service desks won’t let an administrator near it because they fear being watched, think they are being criticized, or don’t think someone who has promoted remembers how to answer the phone? It’s hard to stay in practice if they won’t let you practice!

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