Mobile Library Home Page

Superpatron reports on Duke University’s mobile home page for the library:

Mobile Library Home

Available Computers
Contact Us
Loan Periods

7 Phone: (919) 660-5880 (Perkins Reference)

Main Library Home Page (not formatted for mobile devices)

If you click through to “Available Computers” you get real time status of free/busy computers in their labs.

This is what they write about it on their library blog:

Key points about our pilot:

  • Compact display: information optimized for the very small screen space available on handheld devices — every pixel counts.
  • Compact file size: patrons often pay a fee for each byte transmitted to their device, and handheld devices often have very slow connection speeds — every byte counts.
  • Tightly focused content: the content we provide is closely tied to the tasks people are most likely to undertake on a handheld device — context counts.
  • Optimized Navigation: navigation is optimized for handheld devices (e.g., using access-keys for keypad navigation).

I’m very interested in this. Have any TTW readers developed a mobile homepage for their libraries?