The Start Up Librarian

TTW Contributor and Dominican GSLIS student Kyle Jones writes this month’s NextGen column in LJ:

With the dawn of Library 2.0, a philosophy based on user-centered services and change, new librarians—start-up librarians—are arriving at library directors’ doorsteps by the semester with the same kind of fervor and ability that built today’s great technology companies. Can librarians let go of some of their old, restrictive ways to give these new librarians the kind of environment and support that will drive the profession successfully in the 21st century? Library leaders would do well to observe some characteristics of successful Silicon Valley start-ups and to invest in new librarians and staff as if they were “start-up” projects of their own.

The characteristics include:

  • Lose the hierarchies
  • 20% Time
  • Invite Innovation
  • Return on Investment

Great work Kyle!