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A brief pause from the usual TTW content to send heartfelt thoughts and well wishes to all of our Australian colleagues and friends touched by the fires in Victoria and the flooding in Queensland.

(That’s me at the State Library in Melbourne last spring)

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  • Vivienne Taylor

    We can smell smoke in the Melbourne suburbs today – a reminder that the fires go on – over 1000 homes and possibly up to 300 lives lost so far, not to mention whole towns, schools and no doubt libraries. It is going to take a long time for us to come to grips with the enormity of this disaster. Thank you for keeping the people of Victoria (and Queensland, another huge disaster) in your thoughts.

  • Katy Watson

    The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) is shocked by
    the destruction the Victorian bushfires have caused to lives, townships
    and communities. We thank all the Australians and Australian libraries
    that are supporting these devastated areas and encourage everyone to
    donate time and money to assist those affected. Donations can be made to
    the Red Cross bushfires appeal
    . The information below has been kindly supplied
    by John Murrell – Public Libraries Victoria Network President.

    Victoria’s Devastating Bushfires
    The horrific bushfires across Victoria over the weekend have devastated
    the lives of many Victorians. Every Victorian community has been
    impacted in some way by these tragic events. Together we can all help.

    For those who have been personally affected, or know of colleagues or
    friends and relatives that have, it is important to know that there is
    immediate support available now.

    Assistance available and information for people wanting to help

    There are a range of support services which offer personal, emotional,
    psychological and financial help to those affected. As library staff you
    may be asked for advice and guidance. Your best starting point for
    information about the assistance available will be to contact the
    Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667 or view assistance
    available at

    For those wanting to do something more to help, the easiest way is to
    make a donation to an agency that is already helping affected
    communities, or to seek their advice on how to help:
    eopl e-wanting-to-help

    What’s happened to public libraries?
    The Mitchell, Yarra Plenty, Murrindindi, West Gippsland, Eastern
    Regional, La Trobe City, Upper Murray, High Country, Wellington, Wimmera
    and Goldfields libraries are all serving bushfire affected communities.

    Many people have expressed particular concern about the Murrindindi
    Library Service. Our most recent information is that the libraries in
    Kinglake, Yea and Alexandra are still standing. The devastated township
    of Marysville was served by a mobile library.

    At this stage it appears that there has been no loss of library
    buildings across the State and that no Victorian public library staff
    have lost their lives. Sadly a number have lost their homes and many
    have lost stock. The majority of services continue to operate, although
    some mobile library services have been curtailed until it is safe to
    venture into the area. Several libraries are helping with the provision
    of relief services in their areas.

    Public libraries across the State stand ready to support their local
    communities during the recovery process in whatever way is most helpful
    to individual communities. Local Government Victoria is working with
    affected councils on a range of resourcing, service and infrastructure
    issues, including libraries. There have been many helpful suggestions
    for ways that libraries can assist in community recovery, once the
    immediate issues of loss of life and property have been addressed. We
    will be taking these up
    at the appropriate time.

    John Murrell
    Public Libraries Victoria Network(formally VICLINK)

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