TTW Mailbox: Flickr Research Down Under

Dear Michael,
Leanne Perry and I want to find out how public libraries world wide are really using Flickr and were wondering if you would help up publicise our research so that we have as many public libraries responding as possible.  We are very happy to make the results available widely as well.
We want to find out how public libraries have planned and evaluated their use of Flickr to help other public libraries who are planning similar action. We are also explore public library expectations and strategic objectives for using Flickr, what the libraries have observed about their presence on Flickr, how Flickr relates to the other social networking tools they are using, what is the tagging, commenting, favouriting activity like and how the libraries have responded to the use of their images on Flickr.
The information gained from this survey will enable public libraries to plan more effectively for their presence via Flickr and how to use it with other web 2.0 developments.
The survey is available from here
and will take about 10 minutes to complete. The survey will be open until 7 March 2009.
The State Library of New South Wales is involved in the Commons ( The Public Library Services branch, where Leanne and Ellen work, has a Flickr account to showcase public library buildings (
For further information please contact Ellen or Leanne
Yours sincerely
Ellen Forsyth
Consultant, Public Library Services
State Library of New South Wales
Macquarie Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Great stuff and exactly the type of data gathering and critical analysis we need!