More about the Cloud: GDrive 2

The service has the potential to eclipse even Gmail, Google’s second best-known product after their search engine. That said, it’s no wonder users have been ripe with anticipation for years – yes, that’s how long the rumors have persisted. Gdrive is basically online storage where Google servers have enough capacity to hold the entire contents of your hard drive. It will likely also come with enough brains to do cool tricks now with bigger things down the road – like booting your computer from online drive to load the Google operating system.

Gdrive is basically a cloud-based storage that should have two faces: A desktopclient that keeps local and online files and folders in two-directional sync via a web interface for accessing your desktop files anywhere and anytime, using any network-enabled computer. In addition, it will come tightly integrated with other Google services to enable editing of supported document types, like spreadsheets and presentations via Google Docs, email via Gmail, images via Picasa Web Albums, etc.

Good? Bad? I do know this I LOVE my Dropbox!

2 thoughts on “More about the Cloud: GDrive

  • Sean M

    I used Dropbox for a while, waiting for Syncplicity to release their Mac beta.. I’ve been using that pretty much exclusively since they finally made it available. You can select which folders on your computer to sync and it automatically updates those folders across the computers you have it running on. It even work across platforms if you have a Mac at home and a PC at work, like me. I think my Dropbox account will be phased out soon. Much like Syncplicity will be phased out if Gdrive ever comes to fruition.

  • Graeme Williams

    I’ve used Microsoft Live Mesh for some time and I’m pretty happy with it. It sounds like it works the same way as GDrive or Dropbox: you store folders in the (Microsoft) cloud, and on each computer you can choose which folders to sync.

    Live Mesh does have one extra wrinkle: it includes a remote desktop feature so that if one of your other PCs is on and logged in to Live Mesh, you can log in to it via Live Mesh.

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