How to Manage Your iPod Class 1

Rick Roche writes:

I had several surprises:

  • I expected audiobooks to be a primary interest with the group because we promote iPod books that we circulate from the reference desk. Music, however, was the primary interest of this group. Only a couple had borrowed our iPods for the audiobooks. Several did express interest in the audiobooks once they had heard of them.
  • No one had listened to a podcast. Most had seen the folder on the iTunes software but did not know what it meant. The group was surprised to learn that podcasts are free to download.
  • I had a slideshow to use as an introduction but I hardly used it, as questions and discussions started right away. We spent most of the time actively involved with iPods and iTunes.

Are other libraries doing classes like this?

One thought on “How to Manage Your iPod Class

  • Batarang

    Its amazing how many folks still don’t know about podcasts. I only subscribe to one podcast…vodcasts are a different story since I started using Miro. I don’t have time to watch them all! I’ve been trying to come up with ways to expose more people to them, but its difficult when folks don’t own their computers. They have other priorities when using the public PCs. While I don’t begrudge OLPC sending tech overseas, I wish I knew of a similar program in the US.

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