Thanks ILA Trustees! 1


This past Saturday I spoke to the Illinois Library Association Trustee Forum. It was a full morning of a customized version of  “The Hyperlinked Library” and it left me fired up. I really enjoy talking to the folks who make decisions for their libraries. Thanks ILA!

Download a PDF of the slides here.

One thought on “Thanks ILA Trustees!

  • Dave Hargett

    Thanks for a tremendous seminar/presentation to the Illinois Library Trustees. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I thought you brought us some new understanding of what our libraries need to do to be current with technology and to look toward the future.

    In our case, as we build a new library in the next two years, I’ll be working to be sure that we have built in what we need to handle the technology. We just increased our bandwidth contract to three times the current amount – and that’s in the current building!

    Keep up the good work and keep informing everyone about the Hyperlinked Library!

    Dave Hargett
    Fountaindale Public Library Trustee
    Bolingbrook, IL

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