Scott Nicholson on Nebraska & Gaming

Dr. Scott Nicholson left this comment on my post about ALA’s Gaming Toolkit. It’s an added dimension to the nebraska story about gaming:

After seeing the Nebraska story, I picked up the phone and called the auditor’s office and talked with him.   I told him about the studies that I’ve done on the topic and asked if he’s like copies (he did, and I sent them over).

After we talked, it’s not the gaming itself that was the problem, but the creation of the video showing staff members playing the games (with no other content).  If the video had shown patrons playing games and it was a program, or if the video had been part of a training program where the staff were teaching people who to use games, it would have not caused the problems that this video did.

So, the argument wasn’t “libraries shouldn’t have games” but “they shouldn’t make frivolous videos for the public to see”.

Here’s the video, what do you think? Is the context there?