See you in BC! 1


The end of semester crunch is almost upon us, but tonight I leave for Vancouver, British Columbia for the BC Library Conference. I’ll be presenting the plenary session on Friday morning. I’m excited to get back to the great Northwest (“the stars still shine bright…the mountain still high”) and excited to meet the good library folk out there. If you are attending, please say hi.

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One thought on “See you in BC!

  • Ivan

    Michael – fantastic presentation on Friday morning. You really have a number of the library trustees (and, no doubt, library staff) that were at the conference talking about how we want to take our libraries in the direction for which you so eloquently advocated.

    I found your online copies of the Hyperlinked Library, and having downloaded the version dated as spring 2009, I am guessing you incorporated some local/Canadian elements specifically for the conference. If you have the time to upload that version too, I believe a number of participants would be really interested in sending trustees/staff from our respective organizations to view it on their own. It’s not the same as having you in person, but it’s a start. Of course, those from my library who attended may have to educate a lot of our board on your examples and what their potential represents – that or suggest we invite you to present the info yourself (as a selling point to you, my library’s territory encompasses an entire BC wine region!). Not too likely that will happen, but I can dream.

    No worries if you aren’t able to add yet another version, as your “main version” is equally fascinating and carries your message. I’ll definitely continue to read your blog.

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