Thanks British Columbia Library Conference! 4


The plenary session went well yesterday morning. I was so fired up by the crowd of librarians, library staff and library trustees. I’m also pretty fired up by this great Northwest city and the chance to explore a bit. THANKS to all who made this conference and my visit to BC such as success!

The updated version of “The Hyperlinked Library” includes some local examples and some new material. Download the slides here:

4 thoughts on “Thanks British Columbia Library Conference!

  • Neill

    Inspiring talk at the BCLA conference. I removed a few signs a soon as I got to work in the evening…

  • Alane

    And there will be a whole lot of BC library people who heart you now. Thanks for a wonderful presentation…and so good to see you.

  • Danuta

    You made me laugh so hard with the parking sign. It’s time to change library world and just say yes. I’m so glad to hear you talk about the human element. Nothing can be more important than human connections and conversations with our users and especially our staff. Dragon style management is so old school.

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