Vancouver Public Library 4

Vancouver Public Library, originally uploaded by mstephens7.

I heart this – they use Open Office!

4 thoughts on “Vancouver Public Library

  • Gerard

    But the sign- and the rules on it, could use some improvement don’t you think? As a customer I really don’t appreciate it when a sign tells me I ‘must’ do something and have a 60 minute time limit. What about this:

    – Your personal library cards will get you free access for a full hour (and even longer if you show the librarian your best smile).

  • Emily Lloyd

    We recently added Open Office on our public computer stations in Hennepin County, too–it’s so great to be able to give people this option.

  • peter

    Edmonton Public Library made the move to Open Office in 2008.

    Made so much more sense the buying M$ licenses for 400 public computers.

  • Batarang

    I wish our library would migrate to more open-source and freely available programs like OO, GIMP, VLC and Scribus. There’s only so many people I can touch at the small location I work at.

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