Thanks New Mexico Library Association! 6



What a great group of folks! Thanks for a fun keynote!

The slides are here:

6 thoughts on “Thanks New Mexico Library Association!

  • Jennifer Otero

    I heard a lot of words that I did not know. I will make it a point to learn them… my job depends on it! I was blow away by the idea that people could really “talk about my library on the web”– even right down to the foamy soap! Thanks for the kick in my technoass!

  • Tracey Thompson

    It was a wonderful presentation! I was very glad to hear you advocate the “Let’s try it and see” attitude. I will continue to promote this philosophy with my staff!

  • Linda Harris

    What a great presentation! I graduated from Dominican when it was still Rosary College. I am glad to know my alma mater has such inspirational people shaping the librarians and libraries of the future.

  • Ruth McKee

    It was fun, it was a wake-up call, it was inspirational. Thanks so much for coming to New Mexico.

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