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A big thank you to the folks a SVLS for bringing me in to speak with their members. I enjoyed both sessions and spending a couple of days in California was heaven.

The slides are here:










3 thoughts on “Thanks Silicon Valley Library System!

  • Michael Post author

    My slide PDFs are usually that size because I save full size and do not degrade picture quality. On my Comcast high speed it takes about 8 minutes or so to download.

  • Jack

    Thanks for the presentation you gave at the SVLS last week. It was really interesting and the content was mostly useful. I had a suggestion for something that I thought could be improved, and it wouldn’t fit in your form, so I’m pasting it below:

    Workshops like these always risk veering into the completely conceptual or the totally bleeding-edge and I think that may have been a problem here. There were a lot of examples and applications presented here that are not yet applicable to the library world. I know that’s part of the point, but I heard a lot of chattering behind me from people who started zoning out/getting defensive when you suggested certain potential future directions. I know that part of the point of the workshop is to get people thinking about how we are going to serve increasingly wired users in the future, but focusing more on what we can/should be doing TODAY and easing up on the stuff that’s still out there would help those sectors of the audience that haven’t bought into all the technology yet and create a more constructive environment in the workshop. More audience-led discussion could have helped us figure out what each other are doing.

    Just an observation.

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