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The newest additions to the gadget garage!

The newest additions to the gadget garage!, originally uploaded by Librarian by Day. Librarian by Day writes: Some of the devices are so they can get load content from Overdrive. Some of it is for us to produce content for the digital branch, some to build comfort with technology, see how the website and PAC look on a small browser with WiFi etc. I’d like to load some of the items at a future date, but that’s pretty far out. I should add that the funding for these did not come from the library. A local foundation provided the funds.

GenX is Making Real Change

A new survey from Forester finds that Gen X info workers are leading the charge for innovation and change with collaborative technology. http://www.readwriteweb.com/enterprise/2009/09/forget-gen-y-gen-x-is-making-r.php This summary is fascinating, especially as I comb through 400 responses from Learning 2.0 participants in Australia. Some respondents actually echo these findings: younger people on staff could use the tools but older staff could make the connections. A favorite argument among those who talk about the gap between Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y is that the youngest demographic is more adept with technology. According to the survey results, that’s just not true. Gen X employees […]