Flickr for Schools – “Best $25 you’ll spend”

Via HeyJudeOnline:

This part is important and goes right to the heart of the matter:

Know Your School Rules:
Of course right away if you visit our Flickr accounts above you’ll notice we have all our pictures open to the public and we show student faces. If teachers are following the rules you shouldn’t find any names however. This of course leads to understanding and knowing your school rules for picture usage. Some schools don’t allow student faces on the web, while others do without names and of course there is all sorts of gray area in between. Understand what your school allows and then just follow those rules. It’s pretty easy and quick to learn to take pictures of the back of kids, or over their shoulders real quick. Or quickly bring a photo into some sort of photo editing program and apply a filter that distorts the faces.

Instead of a blanket “No Flickr” for you, your teachers and your students, check the rules. Talk to your administrators. The possibilities for education, storytelling, sharing and interaction are endless.