Thanks Australian School Library Association! 6


Thanks to everyone who attended the keynote. I’m rushing off to my next session but I wanted to take advantage of the wifi an upload the presentation.

The slides are here:

6 thoughts on “Thanks Australian School Library Association!

  • Pru

    Thanks for your presentations at ASLA XXI Michael. A fitting tribute to Anne Clyde. Look forward to catching up on results of your Library 2.0 research.

  • Greg

    Just viewed PDF slide show “The Hyperlinked School Library.” I assume a primary focus is on breaking down barriers. Your slides are engaging and thought provoking.

    Sadly, while many librarians are guilty of building barriers, many of us are required to support barrier and enforcement policies established by others. Whether created by ourselves or others, removing barriers is often viewed as scary or potentially dangerous; What might happen if we allow . . . ? Thankfully their are an increasing number of examples available for us to examine and adopt.

    I would love to hear the audio presentation that went along with your slide show. Please let me know if you post the combined audio / video content anywhere.

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