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Elsie Martinez, Meg Edwards, Elizabeth Nelson, Marcie Shaffer, Lauren Offerman-Vice, and I were given the opportunity to consider and write a vision statement during Synergy 2009: The Illinois Library Leadership Initiative. The group consisted of special, academic, and public (adult and youth) librarians from all over the state of Illinois.  After much thought, writing, discussion and debate we arrived at a vision statement we were pleased with.  Please take a few minutes to view the video we designed to present the Vision Statement.

Synergy Vision 2009 from Mick Jacobsen on Vimeo.

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Mick Jacobsen

4 thoughts on “Synergy Vision Statement

  • stevenb

    It’s a good effort but the message seems more directed to a mission statement for libraries as well as a core set of values – which is rather broad – almost to the point of suggesting librarians value life. Would we not?

    My understanding of the vision statement is that it communicates what your organization aspires to be – the direction in which it sees itself headed. That’s why I thought the final minute or so was more mission – (who we are, what we do, how we do it) than vision.

    But otherwise the video is nice multimedia product.

  • Pretty Hip Librarian

    M.J.- I could not wait to watch the video again. This time I held my newborn baby boy and we watched it together. He was just as intriuged as I was.

    I expressed my thoughts about the video on Friday morning, and I will express them again. I am truly touched! I am truly inspired by the exceptional work you, the vision statement group, and the entire Synergy participants brought to this project.

    Your choice of words, images and background music were stupendous! = ¡estupendo! I agree…this is amazing. This project helped me reaffirm my belief that I am definitely in the career I want to be in. I will carry my bookmarker everywhere! Job well done.

    S. “)

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