See you at Oak Park Public Library Staff Day! 4


I have one more local speaking engagement before Holiday Break – and it’s going to be fun! Next Friday, I’ll be joining my Dominican colleagues Dr. Karen Brown and Dr. Kate Marek for a staff institute with the staff of the Oak Park Public Library. We’ve designed an interactive 4+ hour workshop around transforming library service, emerging trends and dealing with change/transition. I am especially excited to see my colleagues present their “Drop Your Tools” material. If you’re an OPPL staff member and you read TTW, please say HI.

And a shout out to the good folks at OPPL for their wonderful Twitter presence. They do a bang up job of customer outreach and interaction. The tone, focus of their tweets and understanding of Twitter is spot on. Take a look:

4 thoughts on “See you at Oak Park Public Library Staff Day!

  • Nancy York-Erwin

    Our staff day does look fantastic! Getting a chance to absorb new ideas, current thinking and fresh library-energy from the three of you is a delightful reward for all of us at the Library.

  • Melissa Henderson

    Lucky librarians. I went to a terrific pre-conference at ILA presented by the good doctors Brown and Marek. Learn. Enjoy. Expand.

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