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Carrie Straka is a 32 year old Adult Services Librarian at Vernon Area Public Library District in Lincolnshire, IL. She can be found on Twitter, or you can read her blog at

I’ve been searching for a book club for a long time. Since I haven’t been able to find one,I decided to establish a new book club for young librarians. The club will give young librarians a chance to connect and gain experience with book clubs.

Here are my goals for the Young Librarians Book Club:

  • Rotating Leadership: Different discussion leaders at each meeting will give everyone more experience.
  • Various Meeting Locations: Meetings at different locations around the Chicago areawill make it easier for more people to take part.

  • Broad Genre Exposure: Books from many genres, as well as non-fiction, will be covered to give everyone experience with unfamiliar genres.

If you live in the Chicagoland area, and you’d like to join the Young Librarians Book Club, or you have questions, you can contact Carrie at ca_straka[at]

3 thoughts on “Young Librarians Book Club

  • LeAnn

    I just started working for a library organization in St. Paul, MN after having worked for 3 years as an academic librarian. We have a “Minnesota Early-Career Librarians” group that we’re getting off the ground and one thing we’re doing is a book club. Our first book was The Geography of Bliss and we’re meeting this Saturday to discuss it. We’ve had different happy hours with this group and we’re going to start expanding it to do things at conferences together, sponsor events, and do other social events like bowling. One person even wants to do a librarian prom, which isn’t for me, but we’ll have to see. The peer network of other people in your career is so important. If any “early-career” person from Minnesota is reading this you can find our group in Facebook – MN Early-Career Librarian Group:

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