Ithaka Report

Jeff Trzeciak writes about the recent Ithaka Report:

My biggest take away from the report is this quote

“if the library shapes its roles and activities based on what is currently most highly appreciated by faculty, it may lose a valuable opportunity to innovate and position itself as relevant in the future”

In order for this to actually take place we have to have librarians with skills and characteristics that lend themselves to marketing/promotion, creativity/innovation, vision and risk. How are these characteristics playing out in our libraries given that we tend to be a profession that values tradition over risk and innovation?  Yes, there are many innovators out there but there are many, many more who are not.  Too many of us would rather hide behind “evidence based librarianship” as an excuse for not doing something different than actually attempt something new (and risky).

Take a look at the report and Jeff’s post. To me, this is another call to arms for library schools to ramp up curriculum around marketing, creativity and innovation.These ideas should also be a part of the process of  realigning positions and focus of our current employees.