Aaron Schmidt “Library 10 & Meeting Point”

Glimpses of the future of libraries in Finland:


My colleague Aaron Schmidt reports from his time spent in helsinki working with the Gates Foundation at the 2010 Global Libraries Peer Learning Meeting. Take a look at this:

“The libraries I saw have overcome their addiction to circulating content. Now they’re all about doing, making, publishing, working, and experiences revolving around content. People are still getting print books and CDs for the library, sure, but other stuff seems more important. Here’s a little report…”


“It is impossible for library patrons and staff to sit on opposite side of a desk. They work together answering questions. Staff were resistent at first but quickly came to fully embrace the arrangement and wondered why they didn’t make the switch 10 years earlier.

Speaking of work, chief librarian Kari Lämsä says he prefers the concept of Library as Working Room rather than the more commonLibrary as Living Room because living rooms are too passive.”

Please read the whole post and checkout the numerous photos. A big shout out to Aaron for the international work he’s doing and for sharing with us all! I’ll be incorporating his post into future classes.