Library Trading Card #1: Keith

Library Trading Card #1: Keith, originally uploaded by scampion.

Steve Campion writes: ROCK ON! This is the first in what I expect to be a series of library staff trading cards. I hope to post more trading cards gradually over the next many months, each spotlighting a different person on our staff in some unique way. For this one, I want to thank Keith for his enthusiastic willingness to participate.

This set grew out of two different photo project ideas I’ve had in mind for the library’s StaffWeb and my Flickr page for a long time. And the idea of trading cards — imagine baseball cards for the “Library All-Stars” team — has a lot of side possibilities. In the two days since librarian Keith showed up to work with his bass guitar for our 10-minute photo shoot in the compact shelves, I’ve had chats with people about using the trading cards in many different ways: desk/wall displays, games, prizes, business cards, posters, ads, etc. It’s all good. I plan on sticking to a simple formula when making them, but would love to see them used in any number of positive, creative ways supporting the people and the library.

I’ll be watching for more of these cards . When was the last time you updated your library trading card? Have you shared them with your users yet?